This new course is specifically focused on how we can manage and enhance our mental health through mindfulness meditation. It will be open to all regardless of experience.

Our next course dates will start in the Spring and will be confirmed soon.

Led by Michael Atkinson,

Director of School of Mindfulness.


'A great introduction into the practice of mindfulness'

'I found that I had a greater capacity to deal with issues becase of what I was learning on the course, and found that I had greater clarity, grown stronger and more able'

'I noticed a steady improvement in my practice and general well-being in my daily life'

Mindfulness is growing in popularity, and rightly so. Research into mindfulness is revealing how this ancient practice can provide us with an everyday tool that can enhance our well-being, reduce our mental stress, and facilitate greater life satisfaction. 

What does the course involve?

In this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation, and each week we will explore a different theme, and a range of different techniques that you can apply to your daily life.


There will be opportunity for questions and discussion within the sessions.


You will be provided with a course booklet, which will include practice and reflection exrcises to do at home each week, and you will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

How is the course structured?

In week 1 we will explore the nature of thoughts and how we can skilfully work with them through mindfulness meditation to bring clarity and equanimity to the mind.

In week 2 we will explore the teachings and techniques that can help us to cultivate greater openness, kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others. 

In week 3 we will explore how mindfulness can help us to alleviate stress and anxiety, and cultivate enhanced well-being and resilience.

In week 4 we will look at how to effectively integrate mindfulness into our everyday lives, and how to establish a regular routine of mindfulness practice.

Who will facilitate the course?

The Course is facilitated by mindfulness teacher, Michael Atkinson. Michael is Director of School of Mindfulness and has been a practitioner of mindfulness for 17 years. As well as having trained as a mindfulness teacher with Mindfulness CIC in Leicester, he is a professional teacher educator and teaches on a Masters in medical education programme in Higher Education. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.