Loving-kindness and Compassion

In traditional teachings, loving-kindness is defined as unconditional positive regard toward oneself and others, including other non-human beings. It is a universal sense of openness that is both courageous and tender, whilst also a natural quality that can be cultivated through meditation practice. When teaching mindfulness, we refer to loving-kindness and compassion as essential components of any practice. In many ways, we could see them as foundational to developing and maintaining a sense of care and open-mindedness in response to our whole experience. In guiding meditation, we often instruct participants to gently, and with kindness, bring the attention back to the breath or body, if th

Establishing a Meditation Posture

There are many different forms of meditation taught in a variety of traditions, and similarly, a range of guidance on how to establish a posture. Of course, we can meditate on the move, but traditionally most forms of meditation involve sitting in some way or other. Here, we will introduce you to the basics of finding a suitable posture. In finding a posture that feels right for you, you may wish to experiment. Fundamentally however, aim to establish a sitting position that enables you to feel both relaxed (and thus able to sustain the position for a length of time), but alert. So, rather than lying back as one would do in an armchair, sit upright with a sense of positive intention. Finding

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