Steadying the Mind

The open road is a metaphor for the journeys we take in life. It is perhaps inevitable that, if we remain on that road, we will, as we do with driving, arrive at our destination. It just so happens however, that we like to take our excursions. We slowly drift to the side of the road, and end up on some rough terrain, or get enticed by a few left or right turns here and there. We may even dwell in these places for a while, before we decide to get back on the open road, remembering that we are seeking a certain destination. The open road can get boring. Focusing our efforts for a long period of time can loses its appeal. We seek excitement. We may even thwart our efforts on purpose, just to se

Working with Positive Emotions

Compared to negative emotions, positive emotions often seem less obvious, less overwhelming, and perhaps less frequently experienced (or at least taken for granted!). Yet, as mindfulness practitioners we find that such experiences are possible. We catch glimpses of them in our meditation practice, and experience the joys of life from time-to-time. There are two ways in which we can view positivity in our experience according to traditional teachings. Firstly, as joy, compassion and even bliss, as our natural state; qualities that lie beyond the confusion and clutter of the mind. Working with confusion and giving our minds a good spring clean through meditation, can help reveal what is alread

Tips on starting a mindfulness practice

It's that time of year when many of us decide to go into the new year with new intentions, such as eating more healthily and keeping fit. Many of these intentions, however, may start off well, but may also quickly diminish as we get distracted by our usual commitments. That is why it can be helpful to start off with very small steps - do something that we know we can sustain for a longer period of time and build up as we go. Beginning a mindfulness meditation practice is often a key intention for many people, but where do you start if you have never practiced it before, especially if you wish to dip your toe in before investing in some kind of training? Here are some tips on how to get start

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