Teacher Development

Mindfulness Teaching Practitioners

We know that there are many new and experienced mindfulness teachers out there, who would really value the opportunity to talk to other practitioners about their practice; to share ideas and inspirations, and to gain the feedback they need to move forward. Therefore, we have designed a range of workshops to help build a community of expert practitioners.


Whether you are just starting out as a mindfulness teacher or have been practicing for many years, we know that there is always something new to learn.


No matter which context and tradition of mindfulness you work in, whether it is secular mindfulness in a school, or whether you work within a particular religious or spiritual tradition, we invite you all to take part.

Teaching Practitioners: School, Colleges, Universities

Mindfulness is gaining in popularity across many different contexts, and its value in education is beginning to be recognised. Whilst not everyone in the sector is interested in teaching mindfulness to students, many are beginning to recognise how mindfulness can enhance one's role as a teacher. 

Whether one is looking to develop a greater sense of presence and composure in the sessions they run, or develop personal resilience, we can help you explore the potential of mindfulness for your teaching.

We offer the following workshops:

Sharing Practice Events where we bring together practitioners of mindfulness to talk about their experiences and share ideas from practice.

Feedback Events where you will get the opportunity to lead a meditation and an inquiry, and gain valuable feedback from your peers.

Workshops where we explore the practice of mindfulness, combining ancient teachings and current research with theories of learning and teaching.

Watch out for our new courses and workshops in 2017!