Noticing the Little Things

It is so easy to find ourselves rushing from A to B throughout our daily lives. But this comes at a cost. In our pressing schedule, we can stop noticing the things around us. In fact, we can sometimes see the them as obstacles to our goals. For example, the people walking at a slow pace in front of us, or the traffic lights on red frustrating our car journey.

These are all moments of our lives that we step over so to speak to get where we want to be. In fact, they become lost moments never to be regained. Bringing mindful attention to our tendencies to want to get somewhere quick, and the expectations that we set ourselves, can help us to see that remaining in this mode of living is ultimately fruitless.

By slowing down, even by a few notches, and noticing the things around us, such as the beautiful spring flowers, the small creatures, the people around us, and the sweet smell of coffee, can allow us to enjoy the journey as well as the destination, and help us to reclaim those gaps in our lives.

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