Simplifying Life

We often make life difficult for ourselves, but it need not be. We gather roles and responsibilities, schedule too much into our diaries, and fill our houses with a multitude of things. We then worry about not fulfilling our roles, achieving what we planned, or losing or breaking what we own. We might start with good intentions, but after while, these things can become a burden. They can become too much to manage and maintain, at least to the standard that we would like. By letting go of the things we don’t need or that don’t bring us enjoyment, and putting our energies into the things we do need and enjoy, we might find that life feels a little less burdensome, things become easier to manage and we find more success through the things we can do well.

From the point of view of mindfulness, we need very little to be content. By learning to pay attention to how we are at any given moment, we start to notice the things that clutter our minds and occupy our hearts, which is the basis for beginning to let them go. We also learn that simply focusing on the breath is quite enjoyable and settling, and that, to be happy, we do not need a great deal more. You could say that mindfulness meditation helps us to desire less and to focus our energies on what brings us happiness and fulfilment.

Decluttering your life may not be easy, but by taking one small step at a time, we may find that in a few months time, we have let go of quite a lot of burdens and feel freer, more content and energised. One tip that many people find helpful is to start small with clearing out a drawer or cupboard. In doing so, being mindful of those things that we may have not used for years, and watching for thoughts such, ‘I might need this one day’, and in doing so, keeping the few things that we really value and use and that bring us some joy.

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