Being at Home With Ourselves

We often think of home as our house, which is of course true, but from a mindfulness perspective our true home is our body. According to this view, when we are at home in our bodies, we feel present and contented, no matter where we are.

In other words, we carry our home with us wherever we go, without a strong yearning to be anywhere other than where we are.

Conversely, we may live our daily lives in a house but may find ourselves mentally elsewhere, thinking about work or yearning to travel for example - perhaps feeling a sense of unease with our current situation. In this sense we don’t quite feel fully at home.

Mindfulness meditation teaches us to be comfortable within our own bodies - to stay centred and balanced wherever we are, and with however we feel.

Whenever your mind wanders and you notice that you are not quite present, try bringing your attention into the body again and again. Through practice, you may find that you can feel at home more often no matter where you are.

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