Being Kind to Ourselves

Being kind to ourselves is an important dimension of our well-being, yet we do not always give ourselves the attention that we need, particularly when we are beating ourselves up about something or other.

Through mindfulness practice we learn to befriend ourselves, to be kinder and more compassionate about our shortcomings, and in turn, to be more forgiving of others, recognising that they too will struggle from time-to-time.

Whenever you are being doubtful of yourself, try this technique ...

Bringing a hand to your heart area, wish yourself well.

Repeat a few silent phrases such as ...

‘May I be well’ ‘May I maintain good health and happiness’

‘May I keep a peaceful mind’

Alternatively, find some other phrases that resonate with you.

You may find that over time, you begin to develop greater self-appreciation and take less heed of any self-critical thoughts that may have previously got you down. Life is too short to be hard on ourselves after all!

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