Knowing Your Limits

In our daily lives we can often and too easily push ourselves beyond our natural limits, resulting in feelings of fatigue and even stress, ultimately compromising our well-being. How many times have you stayed up too late knowing that you should have went to bed much earlier? What about excessive eating and drinking? Do we lift things that are too heavy for us, or exercise beyond what are bodies are ready for?

One of the things that mindfulness teaches us is to be much more aware of our boundaries, whether they be physical or mental. Through meditation, we train ourselves to be acutely aware of subtle changes in our mind and body. For example, when we are sitting at our computer we may begin to notice much more quickly than usual that our mind is becoming tired, and so we take a break to refresh ourselves. It is the awareness that triggers us to act. If we are unaware of our mind becoming fatigued, we may continue for much longer which may have consequences not only for our ability to think, but our physical health too.

Being aware of our boundaries and when we exceed them, allows us to maintain balance in our lives. Whilst we may from time-to-time let our hair down so to speak, for most of the time, with greater awareness, we can ensure that we develop a more sustainable way of keeping healthy in mind and body.

At different times of the day, take a pause and check in with yourself, noticing how you feel and what your thought patterns are. Notice, in particular what your body is telling you. Take a break from what you are doing if you feel you are stretching yourself too hard.

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