Do you want to know more about mindfulness and how to practice it? Are you hoping to lead a more resilient and stress-free life?


These courses are designed for absolute beginners, as well as those with minimal experience. From learning about a range of techniques that you can integrate into your daily life, to understanding the core teachings behind the practice, this course will set you on your way!

Do you want to be part of a wider community of mindfulness practitioners, sharing good practice, and contributing to each other's professional development? 

Whether you are someone who facilitates mindfulness in the workplace or are an advanced mindfulness practitioner, these workshops are designed to help you to grow. At School of Mindfulness we believe that we all gain by sharing what we do, and exploring ways to improve.

Do you wish to enhance the well-being of your workforce? Do you want your team to be more resilient to stress?

School of Mindfulness can meet your specific needs through tailor-made short or long-term courses, or single day retreats.

You may be eligible for a free taster session. Please contact us for details.

I learnt some great, useful, meditation practices on this course, ones that I could apply in my daily life. From the first session I experienced a sense of well-being. I noticed a steady improvement in my practice and my general well-being in my daily life following the first session, and this has continued.

6 Week Course Participant


All of our courses and workshops by facilitated by Michael Atkinson, a highly

experienced mindfulness practitioner.

Michael has over sixteen years of experience in mindfulness meditation as well as ten years experience as a teacher educator in UK universities. He is a Senior Fellow with the Higher Education Academy, and currently teaches on a Masters programme in medical education at a Russell Group university.

Michael has taught mindfulness in a range of contexts, from hospitals to conferences and further and higher education institutions. He currently runs weekly mindfulness sessions for staff and students in his university, as well as resilience workshops, and is carrying out research into the relationship between mindfulness and resilience with postgraduate researchers.

Michael has completed an 8-week course in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and mindfulness teacher training with Mindfulness CIC in Leicestershire, with whom he is on a teaching supervision programme. He has attended many meditation retreats over the years with the Triaratna community and Zen centres, as well as solitary retreats. In 2017 he will be collaborating with Just Meditation on a series of mindfulness seminars.

He also has a degree in philosophy and has taught philosophy, critical thinking and religious studies in a range of education contexts. He is a qualified trainer in philosophical enquiry, and has expertise in Eastern philosophy, spirituality and religion, as well as theories of learning, creativity, coaching and mentoring, curriculum development, and educational values.