New Workshops for this Autumn

Our workshops bring together teachings from the mindfulness and meditation traditions, current scientific and social research, as well as theories, skills and techniques of learning and teaching. 

We offer workshops for a range of levels of experience as well as bespoke training for the specific needs of organisations.

  • An introduction to Teaching Mindfulness: Level 1

  • An introduction to Teaching Mindfulness: Level 2

  • Facilitating mindful enquiry

  • Using metaphors and analogies

  • Sharing Practice Event

  • An introduction to fundamental teaching techniques.

Venues and dates to follow soon!

To facilitate mindfulness well requires a range of subtle and complex skills. Practitioners need to not only understand the teachings that underpin the practice; teachings that spring from ancient traditions but also from current research; they also need to embody the practice itself.

Here at School of Mindfulness we want to help those just starting on this path, but also those who require on-going professional development and support. We therefore offer the following services:

  • Initial teacher training for both individual practitioners, and for organisations wishing to integrate mindfulness into the culture of their workplace.

  • Workshops that bring together traditional teachings, research, as well as theories, skills and techniques of learning and teaching.

  • On-going mentoring, coaching and supervision to support practitioners in developing their practice.

  • Consultation on how to bring mindfulness into the workplace.

  • Sharing practice events for mindfulness teachers. 

Coming up in the the new year ...

Sharing Practice Event​ 

(Date and venue TBC)

Here at School of Mindfulness, we believe that, as practitioners of mindfulness, we all benefit from sharing our wisdom and our practice with each other. This workshop is designed for mindfulness teaching practitioners (as well as those currently in initial mindfulness teacher training), who would like to learn from each other. The event will involve telling our stories of becoming mindfulness teachers, sharing ideas of good practice, and taking turns in leading meditation and inquiry. There will be ample opportunity for feedback.

More information to follow.

Facilitating Inquiry: One Day Workshop

(Date and venue TBC)

Facilitating inquiry is one of the skills that many mindfulness teachers find most difficult in their practice.  It requires us to be knowledgeable about traditional and modern teachings that underpin the practice, philosophical arguments, as well as current research. It also requires us to use a variety of facilitation skills and techniques, including the use of questioning, holding the space, and stimulating (as well as putting boundaries to) discussion. This workshop will involve opportunity for each participant to lead a meditation and inquiry and receive feedback. We will look at a range of questioning techniques, what it means to hold space, and how best to facilitate inclusive and meaningful discussion. We will also discuss expectations of what we need to know, and what we can open to inquiry.

More information to follow.

Fundamentals of Buddhist Teachings: TBC

This workshop is designed for mindfulness teaching practitioners as well as those currently in initial mindfulness teacher training, who would like to know more about the Buddhist roots of mindfulness. In this workshop we will explore some of the core teachings that have found their way into secular mindfulness.


Gaining a deeper understanding of the ancient teachings is invaluable for understanding both our own practice as well as responding to the many questions that mindfulness participants/students will ask us in our courses and workshops.

More information to follow.