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Facilitating Mindful Enquiry

Facilitating enquiry is a key skill in much of our teaching of mindfulness meditation. In this workshop we will explore the skills, the challenges, and opportunities in facilitating enquiry with our student participants.

We will examine the role of questioning, and the other skills and techniques needed for successful facilitation within the mindfulness teaching context. We will also examine the challenges of facilitating philosophical discussions; how to navigate our way through them, and how to enhance our teachings through them. 

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Using Metaphors, Similes and Analogies

Metaphors, similes and analogies are used widely in mindfulness teaching. This workshop aims to explore their power in cutting to the heart of mindfulness meditation related teachings.

We will explore the metaphors, similes and analogies that can be found in traditional teachings related to mindfulness meditation; what they mean, and how we can integrate them into our practice. There will also be opportunity to share the metaphors, similes and analogies we use in our own practice, and to generate new ones to refresh our teachings.

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Understanding Learning in Mindfulness Teaching

This workshop is aimed at mindfulness teachers who wish to develop their understanding of key principles and theories of learning.

We will discuss and debate the nature of learning; discuss what learning means in teaching mindfulness meditation; as well as explore key principles and theories of learning from both Eastern and Western pedagogical traditions.